When the call of the road beckons, answer it with a cross-country trip in Canada. The road trip has deep roots, offering the most intimate form of travel. There’s no better way to experience Canada than hitting the road. Have an up-close Canadian adventure from one coast to the other.

Canadian Road Trip Advantages

Embrace the adventure with a Canadian itinerary based on favorite activities. With a road trip, there’s the pleasure of staying at locations filled with new friends and traveling over the land. Take part in opportunities to enjoy local entertainment or side trips. Organized road trips often include optional activities such as sports events, cycling, treks, recreational excursions, special meals and more.

Camping saves on the cost of lodging and allows travelers to bask in Canada’s abundant natural areas. Wake up to the sounds of birds and streams at campgrounds across the country. Campfires, singing, meals in the outdoors and the sights and sounds of real wilderness soothe the spirit.

For the adventurous road tripper, take advantage of all the scenic stops to hike, kayak and bike in the vibrant Canadian country side. An active vacation gives a personal view of this vast country and its diverse natural wonders. Enjoy fitness benefits, photo opportunities and up-close views of nature while kayaking clean waterways. White water rafting or canoeing give an adrenaline rush in the midst of pristine scenery.

For a genuine wilderness experience, visits to Canada’s lush parks give travelers the chance to see the original Canada. This is the land as it was centuries ago. Some of the areas are still home to bears.

Coast to Coast Canada

Scenic areas including mountains, shaded valleys with wildflowers, rushing streams, wildlife, colorful sunsets and hot springs and rugged coastlines entrance visitors.

Experience the rush of exploring a frontier while travelling close to nature and enjoying excursions to enjoy the sites. This country offers a blend of influences, including French, indigenous people and international cultures. The art, handcrafts, food and museums celebrate the different elements that make up Canadian life.

Canada’s bustling cities offer a stimulating change of pace with their metropolitan flair. Explore top-notch restaurants, museums, old and new architecture, and abundant shopping opportunities. Welcoming people and diverse nightlife options make urban Canada memorable.

Take in spectacular views of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and take lots of pictures to show everyone back home the journey from one side of this vast country to the other.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

A group road trip with international companions and experienced guides takes all the guesswork out of planning a vacation. Relax and enjoy the journey with the advantage of having all the details taken care of. Book a coast to coast Canada road trip with confidence.

An invigorating fresh-air excursion awaits, offering daily adventure and memories to treasure. Seeing this country by travelling its roads and stopping at a wide variety of sites connects visitors to Canada in a way that no other form of travel can compare with.

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