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There’s no place quite like India. Taking a tour here is a fascinating introduction to a place, its customs, and its natives that you may have thought only existed in fairy tales. For an adventure you’ll never forget, India is a country well worth adding to your bucket list. While the trip might require a little cultural readjustment, as long as you’re ready to experience the country on its own terms, the most remarkable journey lies ahead of you. Check out the 3 tips listed below for India tours to make your trip is a spectacular one:

1. Slowly acclimate yourself to the regional cooking.

One of the highlights of any immersive tour is indulging in the delicacies of the area. This is particularly true with Indian cooking, which has a broad range of exciting tastes and aromas. Although plunging right in and devouring healthy portions of a region’s most unusual foods is fun, in India Tours it might be wise to let your digestive system adjust gently. This means enjoying dishes that aren’t way spicier than what your palate is used to and dining in restaurants (rather than going out and trying food in the street). After acclimating your system to Indian food, don’t forget to step out and sample new dishes. India has no shortage of delicious foods ready for you to try.

2. Try to dress conservatively.

When visiting other nations, it’s a good idea to honour their customs and dress considerately, particularly in India. The overall guideline when touring India is to keep your shoulders and knees covered at all times. Your arms and legs should preferably be covered also if possible, but Indians are often less austere than many visitors think and won’t take it as being rude. Should you be going to a church, however, find out in advance if there’s any clothing restrictions, since they tend to be stricter.

3. Try to Limit Physical Contact

In comparison to People of Western cultures, natives of India aren’t as prone to engage in physical contact, being a significantly more modest culture in general. While men may shake the hands of other men, and women may exchange handshakes with other females, men and women typically do not exchange handshakes with each other. Try to avoid engaging in any open displays of affection, and take special care to avoid touching anybody’s head. These acts are both deemed to be inappropriate in India. Also, try not to be overly “touchy” while engaging in casual conversation, particularly with natives.

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