How To Pick the Best Catering Company

When you oversee a lot of corporate events that offer lunch or dinner, you’ll want to enlist the help of a reliable and reputable catering company. No matter what geographical location you are from, you’ll more than likely find a number of caterers eager to provide their services to you. How do you find the best one? Read on for some tips on finding the best catering company for your event.

Schedule a Food Tasting

You’ll want a menu that pleases everyone who shows up to the corporate events that are planned, so finding a caterer with a diverse portfolio of recipes is important. You will more than likely have guests who are allergic to some type of food or ingredient, or who may be vegan, so you will want a variety of options. A reputable company will have the experience necessary to provide a number of different food choices that everyone can be happy with. Many caterers will also let you try samples of their food before committing.

What Services Do You Need?

Some caterer services will only prepare your food and deliver it, leaving you to set up and clean up yourself. Others will prepare, deliver and set up for you before leaving. Still other companies will offer fully trained wait personnel who will set up and serve the food for you. If the corporate event you are planning is a large one, having the caterers do it all is often the best option. Ask if the staff is temporary or permanent. Some companies use a temp agency when they cater a large party and these employees may not be ready to handle a large event.

Don’t Be Afraid to Snoop

It is important to employ a company who follows all safety precautions when it comes to food. After all, you don’t want to be the cause of even one guest getting sick. Since every business that deals with food delivery is subject to being licensed and regulated by the local health department, you will be able to find out if there have been any past complaints or issues concerning their business. This is usually a matter of public record. Any catering company with prior issues should be passed by. Learn more information at Greensville Gourmet, which has more online resources available.

Get a Quote Right Away

Caterers will be in competition with each other. That means you should be able to bargain and barter when it comes to cost. But cheaper is not necessarily the best. If the caterer is offering crazy cheap prices, chances are their food will be just as cheap. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. It’s ok to not pick the most expensive caterer when you are event planning; just don’t go for the bottom of the barrel when it comes to catering corporate events.


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