In a good year around these parts we’d celebrate the opening of any brewery or beer store or beer bar – lately we’ve lost more than we’ve gained it would seem. Well, people of Sacramento, hold on to your hats – it’s about to get crazy. Rather than detail all the openings and things to look forward to, I am just going to list a few of the more exciting developments here.

Perfecto Lounge in Roseville – NOW OPEN

This place is a cigar shop, first and foremost, with a commitment to serve beer as fine as its cigars. With six taps dedicated to craft beer and a passionate owner, this place seems like a winner for those who love the great combo of cigars, wine and beer. These guys have their grand opening today!

Yard House in Roseville – COMING SOON

OK, I’m not going to lie – I find these places annoying and you likely won’t find me here too often. That said, there’s a lot of folks who just love a good beer no matter what how shiny the place. I guarantee there’ll be a beer here for you – there’d better be among the 100 or so taps they’ll likely have. This is expected to open this spring in the Fountains Plaza in Roseville.

Track 7 Brewing in Sacramento – COMING SOON

Very little is known about this small brewery, but apparently it’s opening in the Curtis Park area of Sacramento. I’ll have more details soon.

Loomis Basin Brewing – COMING SOON

I’ve had more than a few of Jim Gowan’s beers and I have to say, I’m more than a little excited he’s choosing to open this new brewery in Loomis; which is such a great little community, not far from Sacramento, that already has a few trendy spots – like High Hand Café.

Roseville Brewing Co in Roseville (name may change) – COMING SOON

This is a homebrewer and beer geek partnership. Very little known at this time, but they’re finalizing their ABC and TTB paperwork and hope to open shop in May. Location apparently has been secured. Again, I’ll have more info up as soon as I can.

Knee Deep Brewing in Lincoln– COMING SOON

These guys are currently brewing up in the Reno area, according to their website. Rumors have it that they’ll be occupying the old Beermann’s location in Lincoln. The website also has them entering something at the Bistro’s legendary Double IPA Festival as part of SF Beer Week – as well as pouring for Sacramento Beer Week.

Feather Falls Casino / Brewery in Oroville – OPENING ANY DAY NOW

I was skeptical when I first heard of this, worried it’d be a dump and stir job seeking to get a liquor license on the cheap. Well, that certainly is NOT the case. With millions of dollars invested and some big name consulting provided, this promises to make beer that is at least clean – if not imaginative and flavorful. It’s out of the way for locals, but not a long trek up the 99 if you’re interested in discovering something new. In my conversation with the brewer there, it also seems likely we’ll see some of its beer served in the Sacramento area for Beer Week.

Alley Katz Pub in Midtown Sacramento – NOW OPEN

Located in Midtown Sacramento, this bar has a focus on craft beer with over 100 beer options and 26 taps. Here’s hoping these guys keep the lines clean and the selection rotating! They don’t have a website that I know of, but do have a Facebook page with some info.

Cheers, my beer-loving friends!

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