There are countless reasons for travelers to stay in airport hotels. Some choose to stay in the convenient location overnight before an early morning flight in order to be close to the departure lounge when it is time to fly. Others choose to stay in an airport hotel while dealing with an overnight stopover rather than taking transportation into the heart of the city. Whatever the reason, hotels located close to the airport can be a time saver and a great convenience. In order to choose the best airport hotels, look for the following characteristics when choosing your accommodations near the airport.

Convenient Location: The location of any hotel should be a big factor for travelers, but for an airport it is of utmost importance. Some hotels claim that they are conveniently located near the major airport in the area, but in reality require a long journey in order to arrive at the departure or arrival gates. Check online maps to ensure that the hotel you choose is actually close to the airport and won’t take a lot of time to arrive there for early morning flights or require extensive traffic jams at certain times of day.

Onsite Dining Options: Many travelers stay in an airport hotel just for a single night, preferring to get a solid night of rest and perhaps a quick meal before departing again. Check to ensure that any hotel you consider have some onsite dining options that appeal to you. Most that cater to airport travelers will have at least one restaurant onsite that provides both evening meals and breakfast early in the morning. If there are no onsite dining options, at least guarantee that there are some conveniently located places within walking distance to grab a quick bite to eat before your flight.

Wake-Up Calls or Alarms: If you are staying in an airport hotel, it is likely because you have an early flight the next morning. Thanks to jet lag and drastic time differences, it can be a struggle for your internal clock to wake up at the right time. Be sure to select a hotel airport that provides a wake-up call at a predetermined time as well as an alarm clock to use as backup.

Free Transport: Ideally any airport hotels you consider will offer complimentary shuttle service between the airport and the hotel. Some hotels will require you to sign up for these shuttles in advance, so check to make sure you can use the shuttle when you need it to make your flight on time. Find out if there are any fees involved with catching the shuttle and check to see if there is a set schedule or if the shuttle departs whenever guests need to depart.

24 Hour Front Desk Service: As is the nature with airports, flights can be delayed significantly. Ensure that the hotel you choose will allow 24 hour check-in in the event that you arrive later than expected, or need to leave very early in the morning to make your flight departure.

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