What You Need to Know About Custom Wine Boxes

Wine makes one of the perfect gifts for any occasions. You will, therefore, want to use a good wine package that matches and enhances the value of the gift. Wine gift boxes, not only improve the presentation of a wine bottle, but they also provide protection of the bottle from damage. The gift boxes are an excellent choice for various events and occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, engagements, house warming, employee appreciation, and father’s days. Wine connoisseurs and lovers are also great users of the boxes.

Understanding Wine Boxes

Wine boxes come in different styles, colors, sizes and finishes with the wooden ones being the most prevalent among all other materials. You can either lift or slide the lid to open it while the clear ones provide the best finish on the wooden wine boxes. The wine boxes come in different colors including white, black, orange, navy or royal blue, teal, burgundy, silver, gold, pink, red, yellow, green among others. The packaging also varies from one company to another where some provide round boxes and others the square ones. Other models also have a place for wine glasses and other wine tools.

Personalizing the Boxes

The popularity of the custom wooden boxes is on the rise with most companies using them to extend their brand’s reach. Some of the popular ways to personalize the wine gift boxes involve the inclusion of the following:
• The wedding date and the initials of the newlyweds in case you want to use the box as a marriage gift.
• The names, logo, special message, and the dates of the occasion.
• Laser engravings for promotion of a business.
• A thank you message with the recipient’s name.

Use of the Wine Boxes

Most people have been using custom wooden boxes for protection of the bottle in addition to the enhancement of the aesthetic value. The boxes are also available for reuse in a number of ways including storage of art supplies and the children toys. The high gloss finish used on the surface of most wooden wine boxes provides protection against damage by water or air. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the damage of the box by the elements of weather.


The price of wine gift boxes varies from one place to another depending on size of the bottle and material used in the construction of the box and dividers. The liquor box is available in most wineries, wine stores, and gift shops all over the country, so getting one should be easy. You may be able to find more information online. Ekan Concepts is a good place to start your research.


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